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24 Sep, 2018
Went to Anna one day back in her old place. Blew my mind how stunning she is and what an absolute Bella Donna she is. But she packs a punch!
Wow she has the best outfits, and coolest place its so Secy I came back 4 days running!
Once she gets to know you and if she likes you she treats you more like a friend than customer. But the massage is incredible too.
I'm going to visit again if she let's me lol.
After 4 days running she told me I was going to get myself and her in trouble if I come back again!
If you want the best and hottest see Anna. She likes them younger lol.
She is serious about non sexual and can't be convinced otherwise, but I suspect when she told me not to come back, it was because she also enjoyed it too much. Wishful thinking maybe? But I'm Italian! We think all ladies want us!