Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. HIV cannot be transmitted from a towel or any other object. HIV can only be transmitted from an HIV Positive person. The HIV Virus must directly enter your bloodstream.

    2. If the provider did have HIV, you are not at risk. Massage contact with someone who is HIV positive is not a risk.

    3. The HIV Virus cannot be transmitted from massage oil.

  • You can BPAy or Direct Deposit online using your regular bank website.
    See our flow chart below for details.

    OR you can go into any Westpac branch and deposit.
    * Bank: Westpac
    * BSB: 035-052
    * BANK ACCOUNT: 308461
    * ACCOUNT NAME: Steel Oats Media Pty Ltd
    * DESCRIPTION: Provider ID (your Jelli ID)

    ** your Jelli ID can be found by logging in and going to your subscription page or by looking at the number in the URL of your profile page. In the case below it would be 10000.

    ** dont forget to fill out the notify us form on your subscription page under "Add Tokens"
  • "Hidden" and "Paused" are not the same thing.

    With Paused, no tokens arte being used and your profile is hidden.
    Good if you need to hide your profile for more than one day.

    With Hidden, your profile is not showen but tokens are deducted as normal.
    Good if you need to hide your profile for a few hours or if you want to update your profile.
  • Send us a single photo of your certificate and your drivers licence.

    They must both be on one photo.

    In your email include your Masseur ID or your Username.
  • It is illegal to use the word 'massage' when advertising for adult services in Queensland.
    Consider using 'Body Rub'.

    Please review the following document before constructing your description for use on your profile to keep within the law.

    respect qld pdf
  • The idea behind the verification is for the benefit of clients. So they can feel comfortable that the person in the photo is who they will be seeing when the door is opened.

    Generally we try to verify a face and/or body shot.

    Contact us via our support page and we will let you know the steps required to get verified.

    Note: Not all photos can be effectively verified. The final decision is left up to our support team

  • Log In.

    Click on the icon.

    From the drop down panel click on 'Edit Profile'.

    An alert window will pop up. Click on the subscription button.

    You are now at the subscription page. Click on 'change subscription' to get started.

  • No.

    Barely covered is fine but nude violates our terms and conditions and your photos will be removed.

    Repeat offenses may see your profile banned.

  • JPG,JPEG, PNG or GIF format is required and file size up to 3MB.
  • Log In.

    Click on the icon.

    From the drop down panel click on 'Edit Profile'.

    You can then use your control panel to modify any aspect of your profile.

  • There is a charge to be a Provider.

    Site Users can join for free.

  • No.

    'Clients' will never pay or sign up.

    However to email a provider, write reviews or keep a prefered list you will need to sign up as a site user.

  • Log In.

    Click on the icon.

    From the drop down panel click on 'Subscription'.

    Then select 'Pause'.

    Choose the number of days to pause and click ok.


  • Log In.

    Click on the icon.

    From the drop down panel click on 'Settings'.

    Check or uncheck the age option to show/hide your age from site visitors.

  • Log In.

    Click on the icon.

    From the drop down panel click on 'Settings'.

    Check or uncheck the phone option to show/hide your phone number from site visitors.

  • is owned and operated by STEEL OATS MEDIA PTY LTD.

    Your bank account may show payments to STEEL OATS or STEEL OATS MEDIA.

  • All the providers on the site are strictly forbidden to advertise anything but therapeutic and sensual massage

    They cannot advertise for any sexual service.

    The services advertised on the site will not put you at risk of HIV.

    If you agreed to and received a service that was outside the scope of what a masseur advertised on the site, then this is a private agreement between two consenting adults. Such an agreement no longer pertains to the services advertised on the site.

    Both client and masseur should be aware of the laws of disclosure for thier state.

    The site below may be useful in reviewing the laws of disclosure.
    guide to HIV disclosure laws

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